Supporting Canada’s Seniors

Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to help seniors stay in their own homes longer, improve the quality of long-term care, and maintain financial security for seniors.

Helping Seniors Stay in Their Own Homes or with Their Family

As Canada’s population ages and the demand for long-term care skyrockets, more and more Canadians are looking to stay in their own home as they age or live with their children. Canada’s Conservatives want to help people be able to make this choice.

Canada’s Conservatives will help the many Canadians who are taking care of their parents and help seniors avoid having to live in long-term care homes. We will introduce the all-new Canada Seniors Care Benefit, paying $200 per month per household to any Canadian who is living with and taking care of a parent over the age of 70.

A Conservative government will also allow seniors or their caregivers, including their children, to claim the Medical Expense Tax Credit for home care. Currently, those eligible are only allowed to claim attendant care if the person lives in a group home.

To further help more seniors stay in their own homes, Conservatives will amend the Home Accessibility Tax Credit by increasing the limit from $10,000 per dwelling to $10,000 per person. This change will provide additional financial support for improvements like wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, or renovations for a first-floor bedroom to make homes more age-friendly.

Fixing Long-Term Care

Last year, Canadians watched in horror as neglected seniors were left to fend for themselves as COVID-19 swept through some long-term care homes. Those who shamelessly abandon or neglect our seniors need to be held accountable.

Canada’s Conservatives will provide stronger protection for seniors by amending the Criminal Code provisions on failing to provide the necessities of life in a long-term care home. It will make clear that the operator of a licensed care facility shall be presumed to have a legal duty to the residents of that facility.

A Conservative government will invite the provinces to work together to develop a set of best practices for long-term care homes. Like the National Building Code, this will provide guidance for provinces without intruding on their jurisdiction. However,

Conservatives will work with all those provincial governments who want to commit to this important project and encourage all provinces to incorporate the results into provincial law.

Many long-term care homes have not been updated in decades. Canada’s Conservatives will devote $3 billion of infrastructure funding over the next three years to renovate long-term care homes in all provinces and territories across Canada. In doing so, a Conservative government will improve the care that residents receive by bringing these homes up to modern design standards. Conservatives will further encourage partnerships with private non-profits that have historically provided a significant amount of long-term care.

COVID-19 has made clear that Canada does not have enough personal support workers – those who do the hard work every day of caring for seniors living in long-term care homes, retirement homes, or their own homes. Canada’s Conservatives will help meet the need for personal support workers by providing priority in immigration programs to those who can work in long-term care or home care. These careers will also be promoted through immigration and refugee settlement programs.

Making Work Pay for Our Seniors

Canada’s Conservatives will double the Canada Workers Benefit up to a maximum of $2,800 for individuals or $5,000 for families and pay it as a quarterly direct deposit rather than a tax refund at year-end. This change will help seniors who choose to continue working past retirement to give themselves a bit more income. It will provide a $1/hour raise for low-income seniors, including many who choose to work part-time to supplement their retirement income.

Protecting Pensions

Workers should be able to rely on their pensions. Canada’s Conservatives will change legislation to ensure that pensioners have priority over corporate elites in bankruptcy or restructuring.

A Conservative government will:

· Prevent executives from paying themselves bonuses while managing a company going through restructuring if the pension plan is not fully funded.

· No longer force companies to convert underfunded pension plans to annuities, something that currently locks in losses and results in workers getting less money.

· Require companies to report the funding status of their pension plans more clearly.

Protecting the Financial Interest of Seniors

Canada’s Conservatives will protect the financial interest of seniors by requiring more transparency for investment management fees. This will ensure seniors and savers don’t get ripped off. Banks will be required to show investment returns net of fees.

Securing Compassion for Senior Women

Too many senior women in Canada live in poverty, face threats of violence, and do not have the means to age with dignity. A Conservative government will develop a national strategy to address the poverty and violence that senior Canadian women face.

Take Action

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