Will Conservative Candidate Mary Lee Tackle Vanisle’s Challenges?

A while ago, WestIlse.News, an online news source, posted an article titled, Will Conservative Candidate Mary Lee Tackle Vanisle’s Challenges? While the staff reporter or the editor did not reach out directly for a response, it was one of my campaign volunteer who discovered the article.  Within the article,  four questions were posed. I am endeavouring to contact WestIsle with the reply so they can choose to publish it.  I felt that it was prudent that in the spirit of disclosure  and transparency, my responses should also be published on the website. These responses demonstrate my commitment, and that of the Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole, to the west coast region of our riding of Courtenay-Alberni.

If you get elected, how will you #securethefuture for this riding?

I will #SecuretheFuture for Courtenay-Alberni by working with my Conservative Party colleagues to implement Canada’s Recovery Plan. Unlike the plans of the Jagmeet Singh’s NDP and Justin Trudeau, this a very detailed, well researched plan to deliver jobs for all Canadians and restore Canada’s public finances. It is also a plan that addresses mental health as the public health crisis. Rebuilding Canada for a more vibrant and prosperous future requires a thoughtful and dedicated approach to environmental health of our nation as much as its economic health.

What changes would you try to make for the economy of Courtenay-Alberni?

In Courtenay – Alberni, our fishing, forestry, agricultural, tourism and hospitality industries, and our small business community suffered tremendously during the COVID -19 crisis.

Over the course of the pandemic, millions of Canadians lost their jobs, many of which are female entrepreneurs. Specific to the west coast and throughout the riding was the massive job loss in the food services, tourism and hospitality sector. Restaurants employ 1.2 million Canadians and contribute $95 billion to our gross domestic product (GDP). The Canadian tourism industry supports 1.8 million jobs and contributes $102 billion to GDP. About 533,000 workers in the tourism industry lost their jobs in 2020. Our economy is hugely dependant upon this industry.

As your candidate, I will work relentlessly implementing the strategies in Canada’s Recovery Plan to get hard working Canadians back to work to help stimulate the economy and return our area to the vibrant and successful tourism and hospitality industry it is known for, in addition to the rich resource sectors for which thousands of residents in Courtenay-Alberni depend upon.

How will the Conservative Party bring back one million jobs in one year and how many will be in Courtenay-Alberni?

Canada’s Conservatives will introduce the Canada Job Surge Plan to get Canadians back to work. We’ll pay at least 25% of the salary of net new hires for six months after CEWS expires. To help those who have been unemployed long-term, our plan will cover up to 50% of the salary for those who have been unemployed for 6 months or more.

To support the hospitality and tourism sectors, Canada’s Conservatives will introduce a Dine and Discover Program which will provide a 50% rebate for food and non-alcoholic drinks purchased for dine-in from Monday to Wednesday. We’ll give small businesses the support they need to get back on their feet by launching the Main Street Business Loan to provide loans of up to $200,000. We will launch the Rebuild Main Street Tax Credit which will provide a 25% tax credit on amounts of up to $100,000 that Canadians personally invest in a small business over the next two years. In December, we offer a GST free shopping day to stimulate small business retail sector. These are just some of the many initiatives that we’re proposing in Canada’s Recovery Plan.

Logging and salmon fishing are slowing down. Will you try to get federal money for loggers and fishers like the ones oil workers got in Alberta and Newfoundland?

To help the logging and fishing industries thrive, Canada’s Conservative have plans that will restore the economic future of the industries so that loggers and fishers will find employment in their chosen profession and maintain their livelihood.

Canada’s Conservatives see massive potential for the future of the forestry industry. Forestry is also well-placed to be an important contributor to the fight against climate change. Land management, sequestration of carbon into long-lived wood products, and bioenergy are all pathways for this important industry to make a difference. If we are to realize these benefits, we must also ensure that the primary business is healthy.

A Conservative government will bring confidence to Canada’s fisheries sector by respecting the importance of all resource users and putting conservation first. The iconic Pacific salmon species are part of the fabric of life for communities throughout British Columbia and are an essential part of BC’s marine and freshwater ecosystems. While some stocks are robust, many are under threat. This has consequences for Indigenous peoples, coastal communities, and commercial and recreational fishers. Building on the commitments already outlined above, we will develop a Pacific Salmon Strategy focused on making measurable progress toward restoring at-risk stocks but also ensuring cooperation between resource users so that commercial, recreational, and cultural fishers can all have confidence in management decisions.

Lee hasn’t said much about Canada-wide policies either. She hasn’t said anything about climate change even though BC is on fire.

Canada’s Conservatives have a serious plan to combat climate change that allows us to meet our targets and reduce emissions by 2030, all the while repealing Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax. Independent analysis, conducted by Navius Research, found that the plan would effectively achieve the same emissions reductions as the government’s current plan in 2030, while resulting in a boost to jobs and the economy. The plan to combat climate change is called “Secure the Environment – A Plan to Combat Climate Change”. Your readers can find it at https://www.conservative.ca/plan/secure-the-environment/.

Canada’s Conservatives will fight climate change and protect the environment, but we won’t do it on the backs of hardworking Canadians or by hurting our economy. Instead of sending your money to Ottawa, as with the Trudeau Liberal’s Carbon Tax, we will create Low Carbon Savings Accounts that will help Canadians make greener lifestyle choices, while allowing them to decide what works best for them and their family.

She hasn’t said anything about controversial social issues like banning gay conversion therapy even though lots of LGBTQ people live on the Island.

If elected as your Member of Parliament, I will represent everyone in Courtenay-Alberni regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Our Leader, Erin O’Toole has been clear that he is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and will always fight for equal rights for all Canadians. Erin O’Toole has called for an end to the discriminatory gay blood ban, but for six years and two elections, the Trudeau Liberals promised to end this homophobic and discriminatory policy but have refused to follow through. A Conservative Government will ban conversion therapy.

In summary, I support all the plans set out in the very comprehensive Canada’s Recovery Plan. I bring to this candidacy my breadth and depth of experience serving my country of more than 20 years with the Canadian Armed Forces and my skills and knowledge in the healthcare, education and small business sector to bring about positive change. Canadians are asking for real economic leadership. Canadians want disciplined and focused leaders and Canadians deserve a confident and competence voice to represent them in Ottawa.

Canada’s Recovery Plan can be found at https://www.conservative.ca/plan/. This election is about our future. I encourage all voters to become familiar with the plan and make an informed decision. Democracy depends on it.

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